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New paper published in Journal of Power Sources

Cryo-TEM 🔬 is an emerging technique for the characterization of battery materials/interfaces.

How does it work? Is it relevant for your materials? What equipment is needed?

In this paper, we explain different workflows of sample preparation, transfer, and cryo-TEM imaging based on sample-/phenomenon-specific requirements.

Free access to the paper here.

Thank you to our collaborators, Marco Hepp and Prof. Benjamin Butz from University of Siegen!

Full bibliographic information: Y. Shin, D. Stepien, M. Hepp, B. Butz, D. Bresser, S. Fleischmann, Cryogenic electron microscopy workflows for the characterization of electrochemical interfaces and interphases in batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 2023, 556, 232515.